if you wear the hijab, good for you. congratulations. you may pat yourself on the back, if you wish. but do not go around preaching to other Muslim women who don’t wear the hijab. don’t tell them they are moldy bread or an open piece of candy or a pearl or some shit. pay attention to your own shortcomings, first. take a look at your own actions. you don’t get gold stars for shaming other women. 

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Anonymous: my teacher said saying all cops are terrible is equal to saying all Muslims are terrorists (he only pointed that out bc I was Muslim) I didn't know what to say


Tell him that only one of those would be defended and it’s the ppl in blue. So no it’s not equal.

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I hate it when people act like anger invalidates a cause, because when it comes down to it the privileged are the only ones who can afford to remain calm. 


When the privileged are angry they’re; passionate, invested, patriotic, of spirit and righteous.

When the oppressed are angry they’re; savage, incapable of rationality, primitive, beastial, juvenile and violent.

Tone policing ain’t nothing but shifting goal posts towards dehumanization.

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People of color can be complicit in furthering white supremacy. People of color can be anti-black as fuck. Horizontal aggression is a thing. Internalized white supremacy and anti-blackness are things.

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